Saturday, May 11, 2002

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Welcome to The Serenity! I expect that you will find many stimulating new ideas here, regardless of whether or not you agree with my philosophy. I plan to post my thoughts on a wide range of topics, from a proposal to promote peace in the Mideast, to the relationship between the Catholic Church's stand on abortion and its failure to address child molesting.  I am also working on a full length essay: "The Chinese Communists aren't actually communist -- just very Chinese." This essay points out that much-criticized aspects of the People' Republic of China, such as its lack of free speech and harsh penal system, long pre-date the advent of communism, and are found in non-communist Chinese societies such as Singapore. Watch this space for it!

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The author of this website is not a medical doctor . Although medical issues may be discussed here, nothing on this site is intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition and is not a substitute for medical advise. In fact, if you’ve been reading this site, you should already know that a lot of the medical information on the web is a bunch of garbage.

Although the author of this site does have a Ph.D. in Psychology, she is not a psychotherapist and is not licensed to provide any form of psychotherapy or counseling. Her branch of psychology deals with normal people and how they interact with one another. The last time the author had a class on abnormal psychology was as an undergraduate, which is longer ago than the author cares to admit.

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Is Judy Serenity your real name?
Nope.  Judy Serenity is just my web persona, my “nom de blog,” as it were.

Well, then what is your real name, if it’s not JudySerenity?
I’m really J. D. Salinger.  Just kidding!!  I’m not J. D. Salinger, but I am feeling a bit reclusive at the moment, so I’d rather not tell you my real name. Maybe later.

How much of the stuff on is written by you?
Well, except for things that are clearly attributed to someone else, everything on this site is written by me.

So, does that mean the FAQ questions are written by you?

Even this question? Was it written by you?

Wow!  I’m shocked.  Ok, I’ll try to compose myself and go onto the next question. Are you really all that serene? Some of your posts sound almost angry.
Actually, no, I’m not all that serene, but I try to be. I originally started using the term “Serenity” in the context of various hobbies that made me feel more serene. For example, I have a jewelry microbusiness called “Serenity Gems.” Eventually, I started using “Serenity” as part of my identity on the web.  It’s sort of like in real estate, where a housing development on a dry plain will get named “Riverdale Heights”, even though there’s no river, no dale, and no heights. Things are named after what the namer wishes were there, not what is actually there.

As for some of my essays sounding angry, well, I’m really not an angry person. But, my web site is a way to make suggestions to improve the world, so I mostly talk about things that need changing. There are plenty of things that I like, such as kittens, chocolate, and daffodils, but since these things don’t need improving, I don’t talk about them on my web site.

Do you really think kittens are as good as they could be?  Shouldn’t they stay small for a lot longer?
Good point.  And those new pink daffodils could be a lot pinker.  To whom should I complain?

What else can you tell us about yourself?
Well, I’m a just a typical middle-aged, Midwestern, pro-Beijing, fairly religious, happily married feminist with a desire to change the world. You know, the usual.  I also have a lot of health problems, which is why medical care is a focus of my site.

What is your educational background?
I have a Ph.D. and a Master’s in Psychology; my field of specialization is called Social Psychology (the study of how people interact.) As an undergraduate, I majored in Psychology and Biological Bases of Behavior (which was mostly neuroscience) with a minor in chemistry. I have taught Psychology, Social Psychology, and Women’s Studies at several universities. I don’t have formal training in East Asia Studies, although last year I did attend a conference on China’s international relations, which was held in Beijing and was jointly sponsored by the (US) National Science Foundation and the Chinese government.

I’d like to write a guess column for your site.  Will you publish it?
Send me an email with a brief description of your proposed essay, and we can talk about it.

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